Our Ideas

The design team at Azzaro is working diligently in identifying the current trends and designs implemented in women’s lingerie and is further aiming at improving these factors by initiating a trendier and unique design. The design team of Azzaro is situated in London, which is the fashion hub of Europe, therefore, is based in a fashion hub as a central point, it allows the ideas to be developed at Azzaro aimed at being more innovative and according to the current trends since Azzaro is careful about the latest fashion and does not want its customers to be left behind in the current trends. Moreover, Azzaro takes special care about the comfort of the women and also is very much careful about the design and uniqueness it may initiate through its products. Azzaro is aimed at providing the best and unique ideas by determining the comfort and problems associated with women according to their routine. Mostly, women encounter problems with their dressing which tends to put them in a tricky situation. For this purpose, Azzaro introduced detachable-strap bras for women to compensate most of the dressing problems associated with women according to the fashion trends and clothing preference of women. Furthermore, the ideas of Azzaro are not specified to a certain age limit of women, instead, Azzaro aims at providing quality of lingerie and undergarments for women of any age providing a wide range of variety of designs and ideas. Moreover, the ideas associated with Azzaro’s undergarments line are mostly affiliated with different types of women. Women in the current era tend to be either a sports enthusiast, a mother, a single woman looking for modeling or anything, nothing particular. The wide range of lingerie available at Azzaro is capable of diversifying the lingerie market with their unique designs and colorful lingerie.